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  • Ryan Havdala

Kali, Oathkeeper

Kali wasn’t always called Oathkeeper. Most Kitsune are known for enjoying tricks and playful banter, but not Kali. She, in fact, was infamous in her small community as a liar and demeaning with her jokes, enticing and luring others into tricks or conversations that humiliated them. It was hard to say whether it was intentional or naive, but no one could argue that it wasn’t habitual. Those of her skulk would dismiss her with whispers of Wolf, Fox, or Vixen. Titles no self-respecting Kitsune would hold.

Hopeful that some responsibility would improve her attitude, the Elders assigned her a risky and weighty task. She was to deliver a wrapped object of great importance to a neighboring skulk. When she returned with the message of deliverance, it was met with hesitancy and hope, but when the truth came out from the spy they had sent to follow her, she was called to a tribunal with the Elders. She had lost the package while attempting to plan an elaborate hoax and, brushing it off as though nothing had happened, returned with nothing but lies of success. It was the last straw. At once, the Elders bound Kali with powerful magic, forcing her to keep each and every promise that left her lips. She was an Oathkeeper now, and she had no choice but to keep to her word. They made her promise to watch over those around her and look out for their wellbeing. Still, even though she now kept her word, it was impossible to get her help without some long thought out jab about the person Kali was meant to help, careful not to phrase anything in a way that would bind her further.

She tried her best when the Devourers Descended, when every instinct was to run and hide, but the attempts at protection were seemingly fruitless and she awoke to heavy wounds and no one left alive around her. Her skulk had escaped or died, and she too left on her own mission. No longer under the careful watch of the Elders, she would find how to break this awful oath and return to what she loved most: breaking them. Until then, she would go on protecting those she came across and carefully humiliating them, often to herself. Every once in a while, one might see her grin after helping someone in a bind, but it’s hard to tell if she thought of a great joke at their expense, or if she might actually enjoy the feeling of helping others. Even if the latter were true, she‘d never admit it.


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