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  • Ryan Havdala

The Phantom King

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

King Dammes was not a very good king. He was spoiled from a young age as royalty is wont to be, thus spending most of his decade on the throne in irresponsible debauchery and reverie. Shortly before the Devourers Descended, a trusted soothsayer of the court warned Dammes about their impending doom and urged him to evacuate the city. However, as he lacked responsibility or a sense of duty to his people, King Dammes put himself first as usual and left the city immediately, leaving the evacuation efforts up to the most convenient stooge. Not long after the Devourers Descended, obliterating the coward king’s city, some of his surviving subjects found him and hanged him for his treason against his people. Wracked with such a terrible sense of regret and shame in his final days, Dammes’ spirit was bound to the earthly plane and longed to atone for his incalculable mistakes. Now, the king who feared his duty would lead to death is bound in undeath to fulfill his duty to protect his people. Though he craves the sweet release of death, no matter how many times his phantom form is destroyed in battle, he always remains. And he fears that it will be so until the day that he can reestablish a kingdom of order and society to repay the people he abandoned.


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