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  • Ryan Havdala

Neromi E’Aylo

Raised in a wandering city in the Serai Desert, Neromi was born into a nomadic lifestyle even before the apocalypse. She was a very wondrous youth, treating everything unfamiliar with sincere curiosity and was oblivious to apparent danger if it meant taking a closer look at something fascinating or new. Neromi also was born with a special affinity for water, which allowed her to find it where there seemed to be none, especially through cacti or other natural means, a highly valued skill amongst her Kindred.

When she came of age, Neromi was sent on a mission to deliver a gift to a neighboring ruler, but there was more to her quest. Curious as a cat and innocent to the core, she was told to take some time to “find herself” and “rid herself of all her unnecessary restless energy.” During this walkabout, a robed con man sold her an empty snuff box labeled “Dreams” and told her not to open it or all of the dreams would escape. Curiosity, of course, got the best of her and she was devastated when she opened the box only to find that all the dreams had gotten out before she could catch a glimpse. She had only wanted to see what one looked like! She was alone in the desert returning from her quest during the Descent of the Devourers, leaving her oblivious to the death and destruction at hand. She searched the desert for months, only to find the smashed remnants of her tribe’s camp.

Neromi is set on finding her tribe and reuniting her people at all costs. Every night, she calls to her people through her ancestral didgeridoo (yidaki), piercing those traveling with her to the core from the guttural drone of loss and longing. Though everyone she meets tells her she would doom them to the Devourers if she were to succeed, her stubborn willfulness and happy-go-lucky spirit continue to drive her towards her goal. Besides, the glow of amazement in her eyes has gotten her out of far more situations than it probably should have, like how numerous people she has accidentally offended recognized her genuine innocence and forgave the trespass. However, Devourers neither care for nor even recognize curiosity and innocence, and if her questions surrounding them were satisfied, it may just be the first and last time she’d make such a mistake.


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