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  • Ryan Havdala

Ayndi the Griffin

Food was great. Ayndi loved food. A fledgling griffin like Ayndi needed food. Delicious food. As long as Ayndi can remember, his next mates gave him food. They gave him Rabbit. Rabbit was food. Then when Ayndi was too big for Rabbit, they gave him Fox. Fox was food, too, tasty food! Soon, though, Ayndi was too big for even Fox. And that's when his funny looking nest mates gave him Pig. Pig was best food yet! And now Ayndi was big enough to use his wings, too! He was let out of his metal nest all the time now to weave and swirl through the clouds, but Ayndi knew that when he was hungry, they would give him Pig in his nest. Soon enough, the funny nest mates with no wings or feathers (whom Ayndi now dwarfed) wanted Ayndi to fly through shiny golden rings. Ayndi did. Ayndi got extra Pig that day! And next day too, Ayndi flies through golden rings and gets extra delicious, savory, scrumptious Pig! Now Ayndi is asked to go through gold rings AND dance to the pretty music. Ayndi likes the pretty music. And Ayndi likes Pig. So when Ayndi gets extra Pig for dancing to the pretty music, Ayndi is very happy. One time, Ayndi went out to fly and flew too far. But it's okay because Ayndi found GIANT Pig. It was a Black and White Pig, but it was even tastier than normal Pig. Maybe Ayndi can get Giant Black and White Pig more often now? Oh, nevermind. The nest mates did not like that. Ayndi was not supposed to eat that Giant Black and White Pig. Now Ayndi doesn’t get to fly for a few days. That makes Ayndi sad. That's okay though, Ayndi knows not to eat wrong-colored Pig he finds outside now. Or the little nest mates. Ayndi also got in real bad trouble one time for trying to taste a nest mate from their big white and red striped nest. Live and learn, though! Ayndi grew big and strong doing all the things his nest mates wanted, and sure enough, one day Ayndi was even big enough to be given a Giant Black and White Pig. That type of pig was called Cow! Cow was the greatest food yet. But one day, there was a predator attack. Big scary monsters came and ate a lot of nest mates, and Ayndi knew you were not supposed to eat the nest mates. That was very, very bad! Those monsters must be very bad. So bad that after they came, there was no nest and no nest mates. Ayndi was told to fly away from the nest and never come back, and any attempt Ayndi made to find the nest afterward was never successful. Ayndi had to do some bad things after a while with no nest. There was Cow and Pig and Fox around that Ayndi needed to survive, even though the nest mates didn’t give them to him. But soon, this became normal for Ayndi, because a fledgling griffin like Ayndi needed food. Ayndi found some things like his nest mates, and he would stay with them for a time, but they were never able to give Ayndi enough food, and sometimes Ayndi got peckish and grumpy and had to snack on one of them, even though Ayndi never enjoyed them as much as Cow Pig. One day, Ayndi hoped, he could find his old nest mates who always gave him delicious food for flying through the gold rings, and maybe one day he could dance once again to pretty pipes. Until then, though, Ayndi needed food. Delicious food.


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