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  • Ryan Havdala


Psyllio is a curious man who has always been fascinated by fungus. In his observations he realized that where normal living things were born from life, fungus was born from death and decay. What state of ascension could one achieve by becoming what one admires most? Psyllio became engulfed in his desire for perfection, his obsession with fungus, and, slowly, he began his journey to enlightenment. Every ounce of pain was worth the progress, and each experiment was worth the humanity he exchanged for the valuable information gleaned. In one of his experiments on regeneration, he attempted to grow an additional limb.

It worked, and he grew a second right arm, only to watch his left arm wither from the effort as a side effect from the concoction. No bother, he had found success and gained a newfound energy at his progress. Unintentionally, Psyllio became a master at poisons, dosages, remedies, and cures. But few dare ask for a miracle potion from this deranged half-fungus man. He would only provide what he was working on next, for he did not care for money, only the next step in his journey. In fact, most of what he carried with him was experimental and contained no label or distinguishing feature. Only those desperate enough to not care if they died (or sprouted Mycelium) would hazard such a risk.

Fascinated by the destruction caused by the Night of Endless Hunger, Psyllium redoubled his efforts for perfection in the wake of so much death. He now wanders leaving a wake of cured and poisoned patients and parts of himself as he becomes the fungus he so reveres. Psyllio has always felt that death brings forth the strongest growth, and the world abounds in death in these dark days.

As part of our cross-promotion with 1First Games on Apothecary: Plague Doctors, Psyllio has become one such doctor! Check out his awesome alternate artwork below and check out Apothecary's Gamefound here!


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