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A wearable Strategy Game you can play anywhere!

How Does It Work?

  • Collect a team of character pins

  • Customize your characters with power cards

  • Fight for the resources you need to survive the post-apocalyptic world of Delrii!

Every turn is three simple steps!

1) Pick one of your characters to attack and one of your opponent's characters as the defender.

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2) Compare stats to see if one or both characters are hit in the attack.

How to play step 2.gif

3) Each character who is hit takes a wound, rotating their top card away to reveal their next one.

How to play step 3.gif

First player to defeat enough characters to steal 6 loot wins!

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Wear Anywhere. Play Everywhere.

Games are quick and strategic, designed to be played when and wherever you meet an opponent! Keep your team of Worn Wanderers on your convention badge lanyard and play while waiting in line, take Worn Wanderers on the road as a great travel game that's literally attached to you, or meet up with other players at your local friendly game store!  You can download the core rules here.

Worn Wanderers offers deep strategy without complex rules or pieces, the fun of deckbuilding without all the hassle, an exciting collection and trading experience that surpasses paper TCG, and it all fits on your jacket or tote bag!

We are currently accepting late pledges. Preorder you copy of Worn Wanderers here with an exclusive preorder discount! Preorders will be shipped the moment we have fulfilled the crowdfunding backers. Don't forget to join the Worn Wanderers mailing list while you're here to stay up to date on Worn Wanderers as it grows!

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