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  • Ryan Havdala

Wrecker ⍴-z (Rosie)

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Golems live their life in a perpetual state of half-awareness. It’s not that they’re explicitly prevented from becoming sentient, it’s just that the mundane jobs for which most golems are made (smashing, stacking boxes, guarding wizard towers) are not the types of jobs that tend to awaken life in them. But what happens when there’s nothing to smash? No more boxes left to stack? No wizards in towers to guard? In Wrecker ρ-z’s case, it caused her to question her existence. Why had she done so much smashing?! Was she made for nothing more than that? And where on Delrii had all the artificers who managed them gone?

Not long after Rosie wandered from her abandoned city, she happened upon a band of nomads, who gravely updated her on the state of the world. Then, they offered her a job. Turns out they needed protection.

She had never guarded a wizard tower before, only smashed. But she liked being given the option to pick a different job. And the nomads let her know that her history of smashing would also come in handy in her new role as they encountered other scavenger groups. To put it simply, the shifting circumstances of the state of the world boiled down to a promotion for ρ-z, and she liked that. Now she just needed to find an Artificer to reattach the occasional cog that fell out of her side, or reattach the arm she occasionally smashed a little too hard with. Then everything would be absolutely perfect.


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