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  • Ryan Havdala


Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Cultists have existed just about as long as civilization, but while civilization was gobbled up by the Devourers, they certainly didn’t consume all the would-be cultists in the world along with it. Thraxicore is one such cultist. Though no one close to him knows or cares to know much about his past life, Thraxicore’s occasional insight into things like how to best prepare rat meat or cut a purse belie his likely origins as one of society’s rejected and overlooked beggars. These days, though, Thraxicore is living it up. He knows how to get by without any possessions. He knows how to survive in a dog-eat-dog world. He has valuable skills now; skills that others need to learn from him, and he owes his newfound popularity to his saviors: The Devourers. Thraxicore isn’t alone either. There are thousands around the world who had nothing to lose to the Devourers’ hunger and have flourished in the new world pruned by their otherworldly idols. As it turns out, not only does every scavenger find Thraxicore’s skills valuable, but some of them even value his ideology, and the more of them Thraxicore meets in the world, the more emboldened he has become. Thraxicore is on the cusp of becoming a bona-fide cult leader. His previous life’s survival techniques have evolved into his comrades' rituals. They’re growing rapidly in power because they thrive on only the thinnest of scraps, but the one thing they truly lack is morals, which also happens to be an incredible asset these days. Perhaps Thraxicore doesn’t have what it takes to lead a cult long term. Perhaps he will find himself on the receiving end of justice if it still exists in this apocalyptic world. But in the meantime, Thraxicore is dancing through life in the apocalypse.


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