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  • Ryan Havdala

Terya BonSeparte

When historians consider the overwhelming strength of troll-kind, they universally conclude that the only reason they were unable to cement an empire on their superior physique is their lack of intelligence, long-term planning, and strategy. To be the smartest among a tribe of trolls is no great feat. Even the smartest troll in the world was often far from bright, with one freakish exception: Terya BonSeparte.

He isn’t just smart for a troll, but his wit and quick learning would put most scholars and tacticians of any race to shame. Indeed then, it seems like Terya would be the ruler of a great empire of trolls, and he was well on his way to accomplishing this feat until the Descent of the Devourers.

While he and a small force were away on a campaign to take a nearby castle, the Devourers consumed every living troll in the seat of Terya’s budding empire. In fact, were it not for heavy losses sustained during the campaign, it is likely even Terya’s expeditionary force would have been large enough to attract the attention of the Devourers. And now Terya is one of the most cruel jokes the universe has ever told: The only troll savvy enough to make something of his race, but unable to do so without being consumed. And what’s worse, he’s the only troll smart enough to get the joke.


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