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  • Ryan Havdala

Florence Lava

Imagine getting called away from your cozy home late one evening to go to your monotonous job as a courier for a self-absorbed, entitled jerk. And imagine that when you show up for work, you find your idiot boss running for his life as his tacky home collapses in a cloud of ashes behind him and a hungry monstrosity is hot on his trail. You might be a good enough person to not take delight in his misery, but Florence, on the other hand, is not that good. Nor is she a person. Florence is a magma mephit, an elemental spirit from the plane of fire, who was unfortunately caught in a Instant Courier contract and forced to zap to and from the earthly plane day in and day out at her master’s whim to relay mundane conversation, unimportant anecdotes, and tasteless jokes to his jackass friends. It was a complete drag and Florence would have given anything to escape her contract. As her master fled from the maw of a terrifying Devourer, breathlessly relaying rendezvous instructions to Florence to deliver to his sweetheart, the fire sweeping through the city reached the armory’s powder kegs on the far side of town. Such was Florence’s luck that when the armory went up, it took with it a nearby wizard tower that held the terms binding her to service and freed her of any duty to her foppish boss. Finally, with nothing stopping her, she was free to do anything her heart desired. So she tripped her boss and flew off into the night. The sound of her cackling danced merrily with the fading crunching sounds her boss made between the teeth of a Devourer.

Now that Florence is free, she is enjoying sewing absolute chaos. As a spirit from the elemental plane of fire, she has a natural affinity for destruction. Despite her incredibly small stature, assets like her wings, agility, and the fact that she’s made out of freaking lava make her an incredibly scrappy fighter. Sometime soon, a superior being from her elemental plane will likely realize that she’s missing and haul her home. She knows that she has a limited amount of time in his delightful new world of death and destruction and she intends to wring every last drop of satisfaction out of it in her free time here.


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