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  • Ryan Havdala

Danton Myrtle

They say the secret to songwriting is to tell a good story. Unfortunately for Danton, he had no good stories to tell. An amateur poet and halfway decent string player, all he wanted was to write his perfect song and receive the recognition he desperately felt he was owed. Before the Descent of the Devourers, Danton Myrtle could be found in your local inn or tavern, blurting out the greatest hits of better musicians. At best, the audience paid him no mind. At worst, he was met with hostility and ejected from these establishments. Danton tried everything to improve his musical abilities. He drank potions for his voice, learnt incantations that might improve his string playing fingers. When a great violinist, Yorgan Altos, visited for a performance, Danton met him on the old road outside of town, and robbed him of his instrument. He thought a master-crafted lyre (formerly) owned by a legend would improve his skills. It didn’t. Danton knew the truth; he just didn’t want to hear it. All the practice in the world meant nothing if you didn’t have anything to say. Danton Myrtle was a low-talent fraud.

When the Devourers attacked, the young musician hid in a tavern basement weeping. He was so afraid to die before achieving any form of success. The next morning, he emerged from the basement to observe the wreckage around him. Hearing the fire burn and the screams of chaos in the distance, something finally clicked in Danton’s head. This was it! This is the story he’s been searching for all this time. Danton picked up his instrument, wiped the tears from his face, and wandered past the bodies of everyone he had ever known. As he left town, he began formulating words in his head. Lyrics to a song about how he alone drove back the beasts that attacked his town, and he knew for a fact it was a hit...


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