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  • Ryan Havdala

Crusher Ig

Ig was born to a milk maid of beauty pure enough to be from a fable after she had taken a tumble in the hay with a golden dragon who had shapeshifted into a handsome stableboy. His mother was shocked to give birth to her dragonkin baby as she was unfortunately unaware of her lover’s true form, and she kept her child at arm’s length. To add to that, Ig’s father was never to be seen again as either a stable boy or a majestic dragon.

As is so often the case with boys who grow up without a male role model, Ig turned to a life of mischief, which blossomed naturally into a full blown life of crime. While “borrowing” a horse from a farmer in his small town on a dare, Ig rode full speed through a farmer’s market and trampled a young boy. The horse tumbled and broke a leg and Ig was thrown clear. As the crowd gathered around the boy he had crushed, Ig booked it out of town. He knew that his life could never be the same; he was guilty of horse thievery and likely manslaughter. Ig headed for the capital city, figuring he could best hide from justice among the thousands of strangers there. As he traveled, he found himself both desperate to survive and strangely liberated by the embrace of lawlessness.

By the time Ig arrived in the city, he had racked up crimes totalling a life sentence or more, and even his anonymity wasn’t enough to help him. The City Guard tracked him down after the victims he had left along the way sought justice. While serving his time, Ig killed several guards in a prison riot, earning him both the nickname “Crusher” and an overdue sentence of Death by Beheading. As fate would have it, the Devourers Descended the night before he was set to be executed. Their assault caused the roof of the dungeon he was held in to collapse, and Crusher Ig survived, digging himself out of the rubble slowly. By the next day when he emerged, he overlooked a new world that neither remembered his past crimes nor sought to punish any new ones. Crusher Ig was in a new sort of world where his brand of selfishness and taking what he wanted wasn’t just something he could get away with, but something that would allow him to thrive. And thrive he would.


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