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  • Ryan Havdala

Chiefdon Ducorno

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

In the world before the Devourers, the true measure of a man was his connections. No one person can do anything alone, so the people who got the most done, who made a name for themselves, are the people who can call in the most favors. It’s no surprise then that Minotaurs had done quite well for themselves. The familial bonds of Minotaurs are the strongest around, and it’s common knowledge that they always have each other’s backs. Minotaurs can cross continents and before they’ve even arrived, the Minotaurs who run the town they’re headed to will already have them set up. Combine their strong bonds with their strong muscles and work ethic, and you won’t bat an eye at the fact that Minotaurs win an unusually high number of construction contracts. Sure, there’s unpaid Golem workforces, but for some unknown reason, a lot of wizards with Golems withdraw their bids once a Minotaur tribe throws its hat into the ring. And we haven’t even touched on how the natural sense of honor that most Minotaurs bear makes them ideal candidates for working protection rackets, er, that is protection jobs. And all Minotaurs everywhere pay tribute to one man, the head of all clans, the Chiefdon. Chiefdon is a title respected by Minotaur tribes going back hundreds of years. Clans send delegates to him to settle disputes or ask for aid. The title is passed down from the current Chiefdon to his successor, an heir or sometimes his most capable lieutenant.

When the Devourers Descended, the current Chiefdon, Maezet Ducorno, was away from the city on some business taking a city official he felt had wronged the minotaur population on a nighttime cruise on his boat. When he and his lieutenants returned (short one city official), they found the world in shambles. Since that night, Chiefdon Ducorno has continued to serve the members of his Minotaur family, though the numbers and strength of their organization are severely diminished. In his wildest dreams, the Chiefdon imagines putting out the call to all of his brethren to assemble, reuniting the clans to take revenge on the Devourers and establish the society that they had helped to build (the one that had rewarded them so handsomely). Ducorno knows, though, that if he ever were to issue the call for the clans to meet that it could very well be the end of his entire race. So for now, the Chiefdon bides his time until they can have a real shot at taking down the Devourers and being back on top of society.


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